Holiday Recording Update

Hello All:

Well, we gathered, we hit record, we recorded more, we went home 15 hours later.

Excited that the Instant Holiday Record went so well.

We got 5 band songs and 3 choral player piano songs.

The music will be available VIA Zunior in about a week and exclusively at our 12th Balck Sheep Shows on a limited edition Woodcut Hand Printed Postcard w/ a download code.

Thanks so much to Dave Draves, Jarrett Barlett, Olivier Fairfield, John Higney, Don Cummings, Jeremy Fisher, Craig Pederson, Rolf Klausner, Jill Zmud, Jon Bartlett, Jon Lomow, Andrew Vincent and Miche Jette for lend their playing and voices. to this.

All the proceeds will go to the Royal Ottawa Hospital Foundations You Know Who I Am campaign for mental health awareness.

Here is a clip of how all of us running out of steam after 10 verses of The First Noel:

Noel Out Take 1

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