In The Dead of Winter

In the Dead of Winter
This line is not meant as a pointing out of the obvious (it is -22 midday here in Ottawa today) but in reference to my show I have coming up this Thursday in Halfax.
So happy and thrilled to be a part of this year”s edition of this year”s In The Dead of Winter Festival. I have played it multiple occasions and each time is a thrill and honour.
I am coming solo this year and will carry songs old and new and a guitar or two.
My show is Thursday January 23rd at the Company house and you can find all the information you need HERE
That is the word my city and country birds, keep warm and see you by the ocean,


Out Here in the World


Hello Friends
Just a quick hello to say I have returned to the world of travel and music and song thanks to Jenn Grant.
We just finished our first two shows in PEI and are headed to Halifax now and talking about how best to feed a celiac and a vegetarian and keep the wheels rolling.
A Montreal show has been added on Sept 14th at the Quais Des Brumes and I have been added to the Capital Complex show in Fredericton the evening before.
We find ourselves more on the twitterbookface than on the .org these days but I will keep posting as I think of it.


Exciting New Item Exclusive to Arboretum

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 2.23.25 PM

Hey Gang:

Pretty excited that local artist Leila Younis AKA Melting Plastic has designed , hand cut and sewn these beautiful pennants for the Arboretun Festival this eller via var support medlemmar weekend.

There are only 5 and they are $40 and well, I think would look good anywhere right????

See you all tmrw night, pretty excited about this whole “show” idea…..






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Well Well:

It has been a mostly quiet summer for me, having played one festival and arrived at another under water. I now have, however, a full record plan in the works now and I will announce the whole mess of sound here coming up in the near future.

But this is not why I speak, I speak to tell you how excited I am to be playing the 2013 edition of the Arboretum Arts and Music Festival in Ottawa.

We are headlining the Friday Evening main stage and it is the only time in 2013 I will be playing with a band in Ottawa. We sadly will be without our dear Jeremy who is deep in the “Fire” as it is but we will have a couple of guests and will mark the 20th anniversary of The Manx Pub with a throw back number from the dial up internet era.

Here is the schedule: You will find tickets info and the whole amazing array of activities and performances going on. Lots for the family and lots of free things to take in as well.

Here is to friends and the the collective sounds we shall make,





Jenn Grant Tour

Actual Tour Talk

Well gang, I am behind the curve in this announcement here, but still I am very excited to say I will be going on tour opening solo for Jenn Grant this fall.

While it has been 18 months since my last solo tour with Jeremy Fisher, my wheels are not as rusty as it might seem. I have been keeping busy working on songs of mine as well as helping other excellent people makes records on a more regular basis. I am even planning a building out here in the boonies so Dan Ledwell and I can have satellite offices.

I am here however to brag and say how thrilled I am to be playing shows out in the world with Jenn Grant. I promise you both songs new and old and stories fresh and some most likely re-told. I even wrote a song for Jenn that we will perform together every night if they are back from the spa while I am up there by my lonesome singing my songs which the New York Times never called ” Mountain folk meets online casinos the Human League”.

Here are the dates and the pay a visit over to for ticket info and purchasing and all that snazzy stuff.

Sept 5- Mount Stewart, PEI- Trailside Inn
Sept 6- Mount Stewart, PEI- Trailside Inn
Sept 7- Halifax- The Marquee Ballroom
Sept 8- Moncton- The Tide and Boar
Sept 12- Wolfville, NS- The Al Whittle Theatre
Sept 14- Fredericton, Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival
Sept 18- Hamilton, ON- The Casbah
Sept 19- Guelph, ON- The E Bar
Sept 20- Oshawa, ON- The Mustache Club
Sept 21- Toronto, ON- Lee”s Palace



The Falcon Lake Incident
The Falcon Lake Incident