Welcome Friends

Welcome Welcome 

We will soon be sending out a shout out to let you in on this thing we got here.

New web activity in the form of a new site.

Streamlined, and most importantly functioning.

The old dot org got jumped by a gang of thugs and erased and getting it back was days of work so we starting from a fresh start. 

We got Steve St. Pierre to thank for this new life. Built in a Saturday afternoon while nursing a cold, the new dot org will hopefully be a good thing we will be more active on.

Blacksheep Inn

About a week and a half until we plays some songs for what some are calling the 15th Seasonal Session. 

For those wanting to come out, it is Saturday Dec 20th and Sunday the 21st. Sunday is all ages and for those who don't know, is practically being run by the children who attend now. In a few years we will just send them up to play in our places.

Come early too as the lovely Caitlin Harnett will be opening the show and hopefully singing a few songs with us.

Enjoy the site, look around and come back often,