Keep on Keeping On

Hey Pals:

Just a quick check in here. Playing Toronto and London and Hamilton this week with Jeremy Fisher then jumping on the New Constellations tour for a couple of dates next weekend.

Our Quitters and Cardinal Shows are Sold out and rehearsals for that take place after the Constellations tour completes.

This has been an interesting year of projects and shows and new music and old music it turns out.

Many thank to all you awesome humans who came out, requested songs, bought records and continue to encourage me in this life Im living. The fragility of it is never lost on me and I never cease to stand in wonder year in year out that I can make this work.

So many thanks out there all y'all,




Quitters Show Announced

Quitters Show Announced

Pals of the internet:

Im playing a super local hometown show in Stittsville this December 15th at Quitters Coffee just down the road from my house.

I know its not the Blacksheep Inn, but I can walk home after we folk it up.

Tickets are on sale this Wednesday Nov 8th at 10am through Eventbrite at this link HERE

Our shows in Feb 2016 at Quitters were really special and these will hopefully not disappoint. 

Thats the Sunday Report from Fixed Hinge. 


Hot Dang, I'm Going On A Tour

Pals: I got a tour. 

I don't leave the house that much, but I was thinking I got this 10 year old record (Where The Bungalows Roam came out April 2007) AND I just found a box of the LP's thought to be out of print.

So I called my friend Jeremy Fisher and said "can I join your 10th anniversary tour for Goodbye Blue Monday with my 10 year old box of Where The Bungalows Roam Lp's". Next thing you know, I got myself a solo tour playing before a fine fine human. 

Vancouver Folk Festival

Ok ok.

I don't come on here very often, we can agree on that. I have a fairly quiet summer after a slammed one last year, but I am totally thrilled to be headed to the Vancouver Folk Festival this week. I have a concert on the Sunday and three workshops with terrific folks like Bahamas, Kathleen Edwards  (also playing in her band) and Leif Vollebekk.

Read all about the line-up and all that action HERE   

NAC, yeah u know me.


I'll keep this short (do people still go on websites)? 

This Friday April 21, I will be playing the NAC Studio theatre. It's a big show for me. I don't do these fancy places often. I played the 4th Stage but I think it was 12 to 14 years ago. I played solo that night and my pal Chris Page opened. 

A lot has changed in those years. Chris and I rarely get to raise a glass living in opposite ends of the city and living different lives. I had kids, blah blah blah. 

This Friday I'll be taking the stage not solo, but with 4 seasoned jazzheads, led by Petr Cancura, who programs the Ottawa Jazz Festival, and plays like the wind. We'll bend, stretch and flip songs on their heads and I barely have to do a thing, just remember the words and play a few chords here and there. 

Join us if you like the sounds of any of this as it will be a rare bird this one.  

Also on the dance card this weekend is the Roots North Festival in Orillia, Ontario. Lovely Saturday drive awaits. 

So if you find your way to this page and read this far, tell me. Twitter a holler my way.  



The Shows Keep Rolling

Thanks to you kind salt water inhalers of Halifax, my show there has sold out weeks prior to us playing a note on that tour.

Much love and thanks.


Dan Ledwell will be accompanying me on all those eastern shows.


Also on that trip we play

The Trailside: PEI

The Union St Cafe: Berwick NS

Jeff Liberty Presents: Kingston Island, NB


And hey this week we got shows in London, Owen Sound and Guelph!!!! Some with Blair Hogan, some full band. 


Also coming up:  

Small Halls Festival shows  


Check the shows page and come say hello and help me buy snow tires.




I am coming out into the world this summer to play a number of festivals and I couldn't be happier to be sharing my record Somewhere We Will Find Our Place with you. I came home after years of touring as a side person burned out from travel and with the concept of touring, but I am pretty thrilled to be spending these precious summer weekends across the country playing songs and sharing laughs with friends. I have much more to announce regarding non-festival shows, but here is what we have for now.


Ok Stittsville Pals: 

The week is upon us and the our threw sold-out shows are but two days away. I went through all the day to day details today with the Quitters folks and everyone is super excited. 

Please bring your PAYPAL print out with you. We have all the name on a list with the corresponding amount of tickets. It was a tester for sure using PAYPAL and down the road I will tweak this and make it better. 

Doors are at 7:30pm and the show will be two sets starting at about 8:15. 

There will be CD's and LP's for sale should you care for such products to take home. 

Lastly, I thank you all so much for coming to these shows and for the enthusiasm in which the tickets were bought up. 

See you soon pals, 





Hello Again Stittsville:

First of all thank you to everyone who bought ticket for my Feb 19th show: We sold that dang thing out in minutes flat!!!! What does this mean? Well, we have added a second show the evening before. These are also very limited seating and sadly, tickets do NOT guarantee an actually seat for your bum as Quitters has quite limited actual seats, but you will love the atmosphere and standing is good for your posture?

UPDATE: Tickets are sold out for this event.