Hot Dang, I'm Going On A Tour

Pals: I got a tour. 

I don't leave the house that much, but when I do look out. I was sitting sipping cheap whiskey the other week thinking I got this 10 year old record (Where The Bungalows Roam came out April 2007) AND I just found a box of the LP's thought to be out of print in my furnace room tucked away in the corner.  

So I called my friend Jeremy Fisher and said "can I join your 10th anniversary tour for Goodbye Blue Monday with my 10 year old box of Where The Bungalows Roam Lp's". Next thing you know, I got myself a solo tour playing opening for Jeremy.

The shows are around Ontario and even one in the QC.

We'll be coming to St Catherines, Waterloo, Meaford, Wakefield, Peterborough, Kingston, Toronto, London and Hamilton.

The listings are right....... HERE

I also got 4 December shows I'll be announcing close to home and I guess those will be related to this record if I have records left, otherwise they are just a nice way to finish out the year for me.

Party on Wayne,