NAC, yeah u know me.


I'll keep this short (do people still go on websites)? 

This Friday April 21, I will be playing the NAC Studio theatre. It's a big show for me. I don't do these fancy places often. I played the 4th Stage but I think it was 12 to 14 years ago. I played solo that night and my pal Chris Page opened. 

A lot has changed in those years. Chris and I rarely get to raise a glass living in opposite ends of the city and living different lives. I had kids, blah blah blah. 

This Friday I'll be taking the stage not solo, but with 4 seasoned jazzheads, led by Petr Cancura, who programs the Ottawa Jazz Festival, and plays like the wind. We'll bend, stretch and flip songs on their heads and I barely have to do a thing, just remember the words and play a few chords here and there. 

Join us if you like the sounds of any of this as it will be a rare bird this one.  

Also on the dance card this weekend is the Roots North Festival in Orillia, Ontario. Lovely Saturday drive awaits. 

So if you find your way to this page and read this far, tell me. Twitter a holler my way.