Hey Gang:


This is a most excellent announcement for me to make: my 5th record, titled "Somewhere We Will Find Our Place" will be released on February 19th, 2016 on my own label, Fixed Hinge Recordings, distributed through Fontana North/ Universal Music. 


Starting today, the record is available for pre-sale by going to my Maple Music Store. Here is a link that FB does not allow you to click on, ha:


What does a pre-order even get you in this day in age? Well, it will get you an "instant gratis" of the lead-off song from the record called "The Depression Dance". And it does help a lonely old sailor like me out here in the world. 


For some perspective: I made this record with Charles Spearin of Do Make Say Think and The Broken Social Scene. I had seen Charles play in Feist's band at the NAC and was taken by his playing and charm and execution. Charles had Shawn Everett mix this record for us. Shawn took his sweet time mind you, as he was also mixing The Alabama Shakes (now Grammy nominated) "Sound And Color" record. We recorded the songs in Toronto, with John Dinsmore, and in Kingston with Zane Whitfield. Charles and I finished stuff here in the grand town of Stittsville. 


This is a really important and special record for me and while I know all records have that, there was just something in the water when we recorded these songs. I could not have made anything near this good without Charles and Peter vonAlthen and Philippe Charbonneau. They took the raw songs and made them into something, taking them to a whole new place. So I thank them very much.


For all of you kind people attending our Black Sheep Inn shows this weekend, there is an added bonus for you. For those who choose to pre-order the LP at the Black Sheep, you will receive a limited edition (100) print of the original painting by Julien Garner, used for the cover of this record. Julien painted this piece specifically for this project and the record takes its title from this painting. Make sense? The Black Sheep is a special place and I hope you’ll see this offer as a thank you.


Thanks all for the support eh and happy happy,