Black Sheep Inn Annual Holiday Type Shows

Hey Pals:

I just wrote this whole post once and deleted by mistake, so here goes effort number 2. As some of you already know, it is coming up on that time that the collective "we" play our annual Black Sheep Inn shows. The 2015 edition will land on Saturday Dec. 19th and Sunday Dec. 20th.

These have become a seasonally accepted way for folks to come together and watch up play lots we know, but very little in the way of actual holiday music. Lately however, I have been putting away the Scrooge costume and learning a few "classics" to add to the sets. Now every year we try to have a few tricks up our sleeve, and this year's "trick" I believe will be one quite appreciated by those who appreciate whatever it is you call what this is I do. Confusing? It will make sense in the coming days. 

And speaking of these shows we have a couple of great support guests for this years edition: on Saturday, my old friend Colin Cripp's will bring his band from that devil city of Toronto and blow the doors off the Sheep and probably blow us off the stage. They are called The C&C Surf Factory, and the Six Shooter record label has released their debut collection. Sunday, the pins will be heard as Megan Hamilton will join us for our annual matinee show. This is show where I put away the swearing and welcome the families who have been supporting us for so many years. 

Jim Bryson and the Occasional's Holiday Type Shows

Saturday Dec. 19th and Sunday Dec. 20th w. C&C Music Factory (Sat) and Megan Hamilton (Sun).

Blacksheep Inn, Wakefield, QC.    

I would also like to say a general thank you for a year like no other in my life. I have been migrating from touring as a side musician to working on recording projects and growing my little recording shed I built out here. I will not lie, I grew pretty tired and suffered a certain amount of brain challenge (aka depression, anxiety) over touring as side"man" and while I will not cut it out entirely, the joy I get from working on other people's recordings and making my own recordings and playing my own shows is pretty ideal for me right now.

This life I live is never lost on me and the people I have met and worked with this year have had a tremendous impact on that life. I wanna thank everyone who has put even a little faith in my ability to help make the music they love and cherish become a "project" or "record" or "download code" or "stream". More of this I say!!!!