Holland and The Daze of Leaving Home

Folks, people In our parts are pretty excited for spring and I don't even think I like going away anymore, but I am here to tell you with an absolute amount of joy I will be playing and singing and then playing and singing songs opening for Oh Susanna in the coming days in the Netherlands. I am not sure how many more times I will even ever go away and be a side person as you just never know how the changing landscape of  life will keep changing.

This I do know: I love this life that is music and I have never made more of it in my life, so even at my old age kids, I think I might got lots more to do if I get the chance.  

Why you ask do I ramble on and on? Well there was a time long before Facebook and Twitterbook where my website, this .org was the single and sole way other than in person that I would get to say and speak the things that pop in my head. That all started when friends like Jason Wells and Chris Page helped me make a website and taught me how to use said site to say the things that were in my brain.  And what thoughts are in said brain tonight? Well, tonight I spent the an hour or so talking to my 6 year old daughter about her feelings of how she has no friends and hates school and sits along the fence alone building castles out of rocks watching other kids do things and wishing she could just home. 

So call me ungrateful or whatever you may about my lack of jumping for joy about leaving this family and everyone from Stewart McLean to Gord Downie have told me this is what we have to do, but I am not sure I do, but I do and will but not without missing these kids like hell and making sure everything about their everything can be ok forever.  

Right? Right. Now back to these show in the land of tulips: just tap up there on the shows link to find out all the marvellous places this trip will take me from this weekend until April 21st, which is my brother's birthday.  

Take care and hold on and hang in and feel ok that all this is a work in progress friends,