Might as Well Say Something

Well Gang:

Here I am in the 3rd week of May or whatever it is on the calendar. I have lots of things going on and I have been feeling really solid about the trajectory of the Fixed Hinge Recording world. I think I will also launch that name as my own little label for things I do of the musical varietal. I will of course licence these recording to big massive labels with monsterous amounts of staff to handle the "boom boom, here is Jim" portion of the process. 

The word on my recordings is as such: I have a full length record now fully mixed and soon to be mastered, it will be called "Somewhere We Will Find Our Place" and I am super proud of it in every respect: from the music to how is will present visually. I sort of have let other people I know and respect do things and I stayed out of the way for the first time. The result is a recording that brings a new sonic landscape element to the familiar world of my songs. I am too old to try to totally change how I do everything, but I can hand it over and let people guide it. It is a time where I have not cared more about music but also seem to not give a shit as well. 

The second recording is going to be an EP called "Tired of Waiting" and it literally was recorded while I waited 5 months on the Alabama Shakes back burner for my record to be mixed. I made this EP in 2 days of recording this past winter with Jonas Bonnetta and a few friends. It is definitely the more intimate of the two recordings and I think with the eventual release of this EP and the full LP will provide a nice ying and yang of what I do and love. 

In other worlds I have been working in the production and recording world with some wonderful people and have been hard at making sure I can make other peoples projects and visions sound like music you will love to hear.

What else you ask? Just working on the day to day course of understanding my fragile brain and trying to be kind more than hurt.

Until you read again,